good morning /afternoon / evening quick qq: I not...
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good morning /afternoon / evening quick qq: I noticed that the pulumi version on nix-pkgs hasn't been updated since
- any insight on how / when / who updates it? We use nix with direnv to set up developer machines without any instructions. This isn't pressing but pulumi does like to remind everyone that we are on an older version
i switched to the unstable channel and it was an improvement -
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 main [!]  ⬢ v16.13.2 in infrastructure pulumi version
warning: A new version of Pulumi is available. To upgrade from version '3.22.1' to '3.24.1', visit <> for manual instructions and release notes.
This looks to be the latest PR that merged. I haven't done a PR to nix yet and am new to pulumi... but I would look to replicate that and maybe check for a contributing markdown file. I have moved to unstable by default for what it is worth.