I am seeing an odd issue with `ConfigFile` in Go, ...
# general
I am seeing an odd issue with
in Go, where I have an older stack that works fine, but in a new stack,
loads no data - I’ve actually made an edit to the
SDK and the invocation to
is returning an empty list of objects. Same code, same version of Pulumi, etc - if I switch to the older stack, it works, and if I switch to the new one, it doesn’t.
Code is this:
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contourDeploy, err := yaml.NewConfigFile(ctx, "contour-deploy-file", &yaml.ConfigFileArgs{
		File: "./contour.yaml",
		Transformations: []yaml.Transformation{
			// Use an NLB instead of an ELB
			func(state map[string]interface{}, opts ...pulumi.ResourceOption) {
	}, pulumi.Provider(eksConfig.Provider))
	if err != nil {
		return nil, err

	contourService := contourDeploy.GetResource("v1/Service", "envoy", "projectcontour").(*corev1.Service)
	contourServiceLB := contourService.Status.LoadBalancer().Ingress().Index(<http://pulumi.Int|pulumi.Int>(0)).Hostname().Elem()
I’ve elided the transformation as it never gets called. I added the Println to debug, and the original issue is that it tells me that it can’t do the cast since that value is
(since it doesn’t exist).
To make it weirder, if I run
pulumi up -f
one time on it, it works fine after