is there an estimate of when Pulumi 4.0 <https://g...
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is there an estimate of when Pulumi 4.0 will be shipped? we're waiting on and it's been fixed but its listed as part of 4.0. will this feature be available before 4.0?
e will be available before 4.0, in fact the experimental preview for it will be in the next release!
great! there are some other features we are interested in that are part of 4.0. do we have timelines on this?
I don't know the timelines for 4.0 sorry.
@echoing-angle-67526 which other features in 4.0 are you interested in?
e but I believe there is a workaround where we can explicitly configure automatic refresh: we were also looking forward to but i just noticed that is has been removed.
I think hierarchical configs don’t have to be a breaking change, so it can be tracked independently of 4.0. We want to use 4.0 mostly for breaking changes, and keep shipping all non-breaking features in minor versions.
That makes sense. Thanks!