Dear helpful community, I'm at a dead end with the...
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Dear helpful community, I'm at a dead end with the resource provider. I'm creating my keycloak deployment as a helm chart in Project A, which saves the
as Stack Outputs. In Project B, I'd like to create a new Realm, and other related objects, however the login depends on these credentials being in Project B's config, or environment variables. I'd like it all to be automated, so although I can manually set the configuration in Project B, I'd like to avoid that. I tried the suggested alternative method, using Environment variables and setting them inside the project, e.g.
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Environment.SetEnvironmentVariable("KEYCLOAK_CLIENT_ID", "admin-cli");
But seems the process can't access them, as it still complains that they're not set
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  keycloak:index:Realm (pinostrats):
    error: 2 errors occurred:
        * missing required configuration key "keycloak:clientId":
    Set a value using the command `pulumi config set keycloak:clientId <value>`.
        * missing required configuration key "keycloak:url": The base URL of the Keycloak instance, before `/auth`
    Set a value using the command `pulumi config set keycloak:url <value>`.
Any ideas on how to get around this? Somehow manually instantiate the provider?
Ah.. hang on a second.. maybe I did just answer my own question... let me explore a little
Sounds like you want explicit providers and stack references
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Sorry for the late reply. Got that sorted, thanks
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