Is there any way to change the provider without Pu...
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Is there any way to change the provider without Pulumi wanting to do a replace? Specifically, I am changing from the default AWS provider to an explicit one (configured with all the same values), but running
pulumi up
wants to do a wholesale replace (of VPCs, EKS cluster, etc), which would be very sad.
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I am going to guess direct edit of the state file 😬
Yeah, there are dozens of resources, so this sounds sad 🙂
i would guess ignore_changes would not understand the provider
Looking at the state file, it may not be an end of the world search and replace
Sadly editing the state file does not seem to have a desired effect - updating the provider URN seems to just be ignored when I import it.
oh dear 😞
I know with TF I had to bump the serial number when ever I edited the state file, not sure if that is a thing for pulumi
I basically did a:
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pulumi stack export > stack.json

changed every reference from

"provider": "urn:pulumi:prod-us-west-1::okera-infra-regions::pulumi:providers:aws::default::76de2844-2af4-4a17-9d02-1366c5510b58",


"provider": "urn:pulumi:prod-us-west-1::okera-infra-regions::pulumi:providers:aws::main-aws-provider::c7930319-df74-40a8-b13a-cb41e63be893",

pulumi stack import --file stack.json