Hi, is there some sort of document/pattern etc abo...
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Hi, is there some sort of document/pattern etc about how Dependency Tracking works? @tall-librarian-49374
There's some docs on dependency tracking at https://www.pulumi.com/docs/intro/concepts/inputs-outputs/ Was there a specific question you had regarding how it works?
its good! whats the option to convert from Output<T> to T or Input<T> to T? read https://mikhail.io/lab/pulumi/7-outputs/ but something is missing! Thanks
In general you can't. Pulumi programs need to be able to run at preview time as well as for the actual update and at preview most Outputs don't actually have a value so a method to go from Output<T> to T would result in crashes during preview. There is a
method but it's documented as not for use in normal program flow but only for cloud functions that are embeded in your pulumi program:
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     * Retrieves the underlying value of this dependency.
     * This function is only callable in code that runs in the cloud post-deployment.  At this
     * point all Output values will be known and can be safely retrieved. During pulumi deployment
     * or preview execution this must not be called (and will throw).  This is because doing so
     * would allow Output values to flow into Resources while losing the data that would allow
     * the dependency graph to be changed.
    get(): T;
Chances are what ever you were hoping to do with the value inside the Output can be done another way. For example most resources will take
as their input values and those can be made from plain values or Outputs.
Currently doing get* calls to get resource and only create if not available eg: getVirtualMachine. these methods don't work with Input/Output<T>! whats the way to do idempotent creation in pulumi! Thanks
All resource creation is idempotent in Pulumi? It's like other IaC tools in that regard,
new Resource()
doesn't actually go off and make a new resource it just declares to the pulumi engine that the resource should exist. Pulumi then checks current state to decided if a create/update/replace/same is needed.
i started with like this, eg: new resources.*ResourceGroup*(name) throws error: cannot check existence of resource does not have authorization to perform action 'Microsoft.Resources/subscriptions/resourcegroups/read'
i can create stuff within rg just fine
and resources.getResourceGroup work just fine
Have you tried running some pre-built examples like https://github.com/pulumi/examples/tree/master/azure-ts-webserver to check your setup is correct
Because that error looks a lot like azure permission setup issues
i have created infra from eg and created multiple resources!
Can you share the code your trying to run that is giving issues then? If the examples work then you've probably got a problem with the program your writing
import * as pulumi from "@pulumi/pulumi";
import * as resources from "@pulumi/azure-native/resources"; export type
*ResourceGroupResult* =
| *resources*.*ResourceGroup*;
export var Current:
export function
*set*(current: *ResourceGroupResult*) {
    Current = current; } export const Config = new pulumi.
export const Name = Config.
export async function
*ResourceGroup*(): *Promise*<*ResourceGroupResult*> {
    const name = Name;     let rg:
*ResourceGroupResult* | null = null;
    try {         rg = await resources.
            resourceGroupName: name,         });     } catch {}     if (!rg) {         rg = new resources.
    }     return rg; }
if rg = new resources.
is directly used, it throws
throws error: cannot check existence of resource does not have authorization to perform action 'Microsoft.Resources/subscriptions/resourcegroups/read'
you are right, its right issue
but, then
shouldn't work also!
It might be that you have perms to look up from any location but don't have perms to create in the default location
but, that rg is already created and i am working on this rg! thats why i had used get* pattern to check and then create. now after you told, i only use new Resource pattern and it work! Only
rg = new resources.*ResourceGroup*(name);
don't work
It sounds like you should have a read of https://www.pulumi.com/docs/guides/adopting/import/ If that resourceGroup already exists you should either read it or import it.
new ResourceGroup(name)
won't do what you want.
thanks, read about that as well but i thought its just to adapt resources like cloning stuff etc!