Hello folks, I'm trying to import some databases g...
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Hello folks, I'm trying to import some databases grants created using Terraform. We have a MySQL instance running on GCP, to which I'm connecting using
that handles TLS. My provider point to localhost:3307 where cloud_sql_proxy is listening.
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new mysql.Grant(
    user: 'applications',
    host: '%',
    database: 'applications',
    privileges: ['ALL'],
    provider: new mysql.Provider(`import-applications-grant`, {
      username: 'root',
      endpoint: '',
      password: config.requireSecret('MY_SQL_APPLICATIONS_SECRET'),
    import: 'applications@%:applications',
    protect: true,
But then I get the following error:
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  pulumi:pulumi:Stack (env-staging):
    error: preview failed
  mysql:index:Grant (applications@%:applications):
    error: Preview failed: refreshing urn:pulumi:staging::env::mysql:index/grant:Grant::applications@%:applications: user with host or a role is required
Any ideas?
Based only on reading the docs (so caveat lector): host values with wildcards must be quoted within the username, so "applications@%" isn't valid. You need "applications@'%'. This is according to my reading of https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.7/en/grant.html ("Object Quoting Guidelines"):
However, quotation marks are necessary to specify a user_name string containing special characters (such as -), or a host_name string containing special characters or wildcard characters such as % (for example, 'test-user'@'%.com'). Quote the user name and host name separately.
Which I think can be done with
host: "'%'"
Probably need this in both the grant and the opts objects.
This is great @little-cartoon-10569. Gonna try that. Many thanks.
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