Hello guys! Related question to import above: If ...
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Hello guys! Related question to import above: If I want to rollback an import of a resource, the way I have worked out is to use
pulumi state delete urn:of:resource
, but what is the easiest way to find that urn from ideally the cli? I can use the somewhat unwieldy
pulumi stack --show-ids --show-urns | grep 'resource_name'
but is there a better way?
I could not find the urn in the web console either, but perhaps I am just blind?
I'm not sure what a better way would be via the cli? List and grep seems pretty sane. Also I don't think your being blind on the web console, I can't see URNs there either which is suprising.
If you click on the resource details page, the URN is a part of the URL. Sorry for the inconvenience, we'll add the URL to the details page per https://github.com/pulumi/service-requests/issues/7
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Thanks guys, I had not noticed it in the URL (probably due to modern browsers hiding the full url:s 🤷).
And I agree that list + grep is a very sane approach in this case, it was more to check whether I had overlooked something obvious in terms of commands.
@astonishing-monitor-79630 We made a change to update the resource detail page to display the URN and a
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button. It should be deployed sometime tomorrow.
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Thanks Evan! I’ll make sure to check that out!