Hello everyone, greetings! We are trying to adopt ...
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Hello everyone, greetings! We are trying to adopt Pulumi as an IaC tool to provision resources on Azure platform. I've rather run into a chicken-egg problem when provisioning a `DataBricks Workspace`using the `azure-native`provider with
. From the docu, I understand that I first need to create the `databricks-workspace`with `prepare_encryption`set to
. Once it is created, I need enable
by providing the key, keyvault to the same resource again. That's something I need to do manually, and do two runs of
pulumi up
. We are using
. What's the ideal and better way approach this? Any hints?
Oh this is a tricky one. We actually spent some time in December prototyping thoughts on this https://www.pulumi.com/blog/exploring-circular-dependencies/. There's some workarounds in that blog post using StackReference but as you said you still need to run
pulumi up
twice. The github issue for this is https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi/issues/3021 (and is literally titled "How to solve Chicken & Egg problem").
Thank you @echoing-dinner-19531 I'll have a look. Meanwhile, had to switch to the azure_classic instead for this 😄