hey all, we are trying to integrate pulumi to mana...
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hey all, we are trying to integrate pulumi to manage our infra in our github actions workflows. We use a monorepo setup and can have situations where a single commit might trigger multiple workflow files (which work based on path filters to decide what to build and deploy). This inevitably will cause a 409 conflict within Pulumi -
Another update is currently in progress
. I've seen suggestions of using
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pulumi cancel
pulumi stack export | pulumi stack import
pulumi up
Is this the best way to handle this sort of scenario? (This can cause the other workflows to fail potentially). Just wondering if there is a more cleaner way like waiting on currently running stack updates before running
Do you need everything to be on the same stack, or are these ephemeral environments like for testing?
these are core stacks like dev, qa, prod etc, where a commit that updates a couple micro-services might trigger more than one workflow file and consequently more than one pulumi up command at the same time.