hey people, we are using Pulumi and indeed all is ...
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hey people, we are using Pulumi and indeed all is cool, but right now (with around 140 ressources) we are facing more and more issues (I do not know yet, if this is even related to the amount of ressources we have). One of the errors we get is a BANDWITDH_EXHAUSTED, or another time we get 503 Service Unavailable. I was tending to believe that with the individual plan we are reaching some limits here, but the docs are claiming that this is not really the case? Anyhow, could it be, that the individual plan is simply running on low priority? Or what could be the problem here?
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is it pulumi error or your cloud provider error?
It’s possible you’re hitting some rate limits on your cloud provider side - if that’s so, I’d use
flag to restrict the number of parallel operations (by default it’s unbounded).
this is what we get:
This is actually a GRPC error within node so its not even talking to the service or cloud provider (only the engine directly talks to those components) Could you raise an issue about this at https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi/issues with as much info as you can, I guess we've got a misconfigured grpc setting somewhere.