Hello everyone, can anyone suggest a valid/proper ...
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Hello everyone, can anyone suggest a valid/proper method for deploying ECS cluster of type EC2 (non-fargate)? I’m having some issues with that and I wasn’t able to find examples for that on Pulumi.com. I’ve spent a decent amount on that already, and defaulted to using CloudFormation which allows me to deploy the ecs ec2 cluster. Having that working, I pasted my CF code to
so that I can convert it to TypeScript but it fails.
CF code includes “LatestECSOptimizedAMI” and “ECS LaunchTemplate” which I can’t seem to find how to define in Pulumi.
I also tried to import the manually created resource to my pulumi project via
pulumi import -f resources.json
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  "resources": [
      "type": "aws:ecs/cluster",
      "name": "test-cluster"
But that also fails.
I’m basically trying everything possible to get some code for provisioning a AWS ECS-EC2 cluster.
Thanks @billowy-army-68599! Will try that!
Sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately I’m not getting success following your example. I get this:
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  pulumi:pulumi:Stack (***):
    error: update failed
  aws:cloudformation:Stack (asg):
    error: 1 error occurred:
    	* creating urn:pulumi:***::***-ec2::awsx:x:ecs:Cluster$awsx:x:autoscaling:AutoScalingGroup$aws:cloudformation/stack:Stack::asg: 1 error occurred:
    	* error waiting for CloudFormation Stack creation: failed to create CloudFormation stack, rollback requested (ROLLBACK_COMPLETE): ["The following resource(s) failed to create: [Instances]. Rollback requested by user." "Received 0 SUCCESS signal(s) out of 1.  Unable to satisfy 100% MinSuccessfulInstancesPercent requirement"]
you'll need to debug why the cfn signal isn't being sent
Ok. Thanks.