hello wonderful people! <@U039S87A4LX>, one of Pul...
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hello wonderful people! @sticky-planet-19341, one of Pulumi's ux designers, will be running some short interviews next week to gather some information to help improve the experience of using Pulumi. we are looking to talk with people who have lots of experience with Pulumi and with folks new to Pulumi, along with people somewhere in the middle. If you have 15 minutes to spare some time next week, please add an emoji to this message or thread a comment, and we will reach out to you to get you scheduled.
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whomever M is, i cant figure out which of the 3 people with the name M you are to send you a dm. and slack does not give me any more information about you when you emoji react 😞
Looks like it's @polite-napkin-90098 🙂
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Maybe I should change my nick...
nah its all good, i just didn't realize i had to change my personal setting to see ur full name, sry about that!
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please include me
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