Hello friends! I have the pleasure to announce the...
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Hello friends! I have the pleasure to announce the Pulumiverse, a community run organisation for collaborating and sharing Pulumi patterns and libraries with each other. Thanks to @limited-rainbow-51650 and @elegant-window-55250 for all their hard work putting this together. https://www.pulumi.com/blog/2022-03-30-introducing-pulumiverse/
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Could this be the rival to the extremely expansive libraries of AWS CDK that we've been waiting for?? (oodles of pre-written, well-tested components that solve common problems) Or is that more what
is about?
Yes, it could be, but we don't limit ourselves to just AWS. ๐Ÿ˜‰
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Cool, is this something like: https://galaxy.ansible.com/ That would be awesome
@rough-intern-34947 not exactly. The counterpart of Ansible Galaxy for Pulumi is the Registry. If I take Puppet as a product to make an analogy. It also had a place to find out about things which already existed: Puppet Forge. This place contains modules coming from Puppet Inc, as well as numerous contributors. But when you have OSS contributions, it happens that someoneโ€™s interest to maintain own work goes away. If you have users of your work, you would rather have other people pick up the maintenance. Thatโ€™s where a community effort can step in. For Puppet, that is Vox Pupuli, for Pulumi it is Pulumiverse. The result of our shared efforts will still be published to the Pulumi Registry for easy discovery. Hope this clarifies it a bit more.
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is this blog getting promoted on the Pulumi Linkedin profile?
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good question @busy-journalist-6936 - I'll ask!
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the blog post mentioned knative but I don't see npm packages published, and I got parsing error when I ran crd2pulumi myself. Is this related to that "dash character in property name" issue?
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@wonderful-zoo-8760 indeed, dashes aren't handled very well. We're making improvements to crd2pulumi and our CRD coverage will grow as we do ๐Ÿ‘
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Hi, any news on dashes in the name issue?