Hi all, need help in importing a rds parameter gro...
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Hi all, need help in importing a rds parameter group and modifying it, currently i am trying to write a inline pulumi program, can you please help me in giving any pointers i am doing it like this
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parameter_group = aws.rds.ParameterGroup(parameter_group_name,
but coming out to
inputs to import do not match the existing resource
even though parameter group name is same i also tried to user
but it is asking for id which is not present in case of parametergroups , we only have name for a parameter group
hi team, little pointers would be really helpful, more than willing to raise PR if required 🙂
The value you need to pass to
comes from AWS rather than being the value you're passing as
. The format is written out here, so you'd be passing something like
aws:rds/parameterGroup:Parametergroup rds_pg <name>
hm so parameter group name is coming from aws itself, i am fetching it from aws rds properties
can you show me how you're fetching it? I think you need something like
f"aws:rds/parameterGroup:Parametergroup rds_pg {parameter_group_name}"
in that case