Hi team, I'm trying to deploy a Lambda that shoul...
# python
Hi team, I'm trying to deploy a Lambda that should be triggered by an object creation in an S3 bucket. My stack is working on AWS, and so far it has been coded in Python. I've seen this post https://www.pulumi.com/docs/guides/crosswalk/aws/lambda/, is there any analogy for 
 in Python? I couldn't find it..
I haven't found magic function like that. So our solution was longer as BucketNotfication has to be used s3.BucketNotification("bucket-notification", bucket=my_bucket.id, lambda_functions=[ s3.BucketNotificationLambdaFunctionArgs( lambda_function_arn=self.my_lambda.arn, events=["s3ObjectCreated*"] ) ] )
this sounds like a nice turnaround.. I'll test it.. thanks so much