Hello quick question I understand this isn't an is...
# typescript
Hello quick question I understand this isn't an issue, now but in the future will the pulumi/aws library support more types in the content body?
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// current (@pulumi/aws)
content?: pulumi.Input<string>;

// support for Buffer and Uint8Array
content: pulumi.Input<string> | pulumi.Input<Uint8Array> | pulumi.Input<Buffer>;
I was banging my head on the keyboard trying to figure out why my stream was not working turns out we might need additional types to support streams or is there a better option? Happy to submit a PR if needed. Thanks.
I'm guessing this is the content property on BucketObject? There is also the contentBase64 property for uploading binary data. It would be nice to support more types here, so feel free to raise an issue with the idea.
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