Looks like I just lost the ability to import resou...
# typescript
Looks like I just lost the ability to import resources from other files in the project. Any resources that are imported are now ignored, unless I export them from the main index.ts 😕 Edit: Before yesterday I was able to do
export * from 'file'
and it imported the file and reexported its exports. Now I have to change it all to
import 'file'; export {ex1,ex2} from 'file';
But I can't pinpoint which components change is responsible for it
Only changes to package.json or tsconfig.json might affect that. Any diffs in there?
I thought so too, but my tsconfig is exactly as pulumi has created it, and package has only name and dependencies. That's why I have a real problem here, there doesn't seem to be anything to have caused it. Tried going back to previous git commits and previous pulumi versions... Is there something cached?
Your npm/yarn packages, and Pulumi plugins are cached. The plugins won't affect it. The packages might, since ts-node/tsc is a package and it might have changed. It might be easier to abandon trying to figure out what caused it, and instead figure out how to change it.