Like even code this simple doesn’t work ``` /**...
# typescript
Like even code this simple doesn’t work
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/** Create vpc */
    const vpc = new aws.ec2.Vpc(
        cidrBlock: opts.vpcCidr,
        enableDnsHostnames: true,
        tags: { Name: `${}-vpc` }
      { parent: this }

    /** Create internet gateway for VPC */
    const internetGateway = new aws.ec2.InternetGateway(
        tags: { Name: `${}-igw` }
      { parent: this, dependsOn: vpc }
It always deletes the VPC first
Should work 😞 Would you like to try re-parenting the IG to the VPC first (via
), then seeing if that dependency works? It's just a workaround and shouldn't be necessary...
State got into a bad place. Had to manually destroy everything. Afterwards the same exact code worked fine building / being destroyed in order. Not sure what happened just yet.