Is there something wrong with my browser, or this ...
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Is there something wrong with my browser, or this page?
All the support type docs are blank.
All the links copied from that page (e.g. work if you're on the page and you click them, but if you copy the link and paste them into a new browser tag, then you jump straight to the bottom of the page.
im also seeing blank support type docs, mind opening an issue? the anchor links are working for me. any chance you could take a video of the behaviour ur seeing with the anchor tags?
I don't know how to take a video. When I click on the link above in Slack, I get this (screenshot):
If I then hit
ctrl-L enter
to go to the same place again, I get this:
Obviously the 2nd one is better than the first. I have no explanation for why it's happening.
what browser are you using? and do you have any extensions in use that might be affecting it?
Firefox 98.0b6 dev/overnight. No extensions like ad blockers or greasemonkey or similarly page-affecting.. FIrefox Containers and Relay, BitWarden, Passbolt and Pushbullet.
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okay yes, can repro in firefox. thx for the added info, will open an issue.