I have a ComponentResource that take as parameter ...
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I have a ComponentResource that take as parameter an
, I want to iterate on this list to create different resources. Does someone know how I can dod that ?
You can't do directly a foreach on an InputList like for a classical C# list. From what I understood we can do it only in the Apply function which feels a bit ackward. I ended doing that (args.Secrets is of type InputList<Secret>):
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var secrets = args.Secrets.Apply(secrets =>
            return secrets
                .Select(secret => new Secret(secret.Name, new SecretArgs
                    SecretName = secret.Name,
                    VaultName = args.KeyVaultName,
                    Properties = new SecretPropertiesArgs
                        Value = secret.Value
                    ResourceGroupName = args.ResourceGroupName
Not sure that is the best way to do but at least that compiles.
It's not possible without doing it inside an apply. Do you need to accept an InputList as a parameter or could you accept a plain sting list or array?
@tall-librarian-49374 I thought InputList was the proper type I needed but now I am not sure. I need to pass a list of key value pairs (keys are normal string, but values can come from outputs of other resources) to a ComponentResource. What do you think, is InputList what I need. Creating such an InputList seems to be complicated. I have just created a GitHub discussion about this before I saw your reply. Any idea how I could make that easier. https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi/discussions/9307 (For a bit of context, I am creating a Security ComponentResource that will be in charge of creating Azure Key Vault Secrets from key value pairs being passed in parameter).
I think you should use a
Dictionary<string, Output<x>>
. This way you can know the number of entries in the constructor and create the right set of resources, while passing outputs in their properties.
Okay I see. Thanks for the advice, I will try this way.