Hey everyone! I am supposed to create a GCP bucket...
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Hey everyone! I am supposed to create a GCP bucket with private access (through pulumi), as per docs https://www.pulumi.com/registry/packages/gcp/api-docs/storage/bucket/#create there is an attribute public_access_prevention to support but pulumi gives an error on its implementation: • TypeError: _internal_init() got an unexpected keyword argument 'public_access_prevention'
can you paste the full code where you’re creating a bucket?
Additionally, please paste the output of:
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pip freeze | grep pulumi
run from venv associated with Pulumi project.
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bucket = gcp.storage.Bucket("flytebucket",
On pip freeze | grep pulumi
you have no
visible in
pip freeze
output - that’s weird
the code itself looks good (assuming you have proper GCP setup with default location, project etc. it should work)
I asked about
pip freeze
to check what version of
you’re trying to use. Are you sure you listed the correct venv?
Hey @prehistoric-activity-61023 yes there was pulumi-gcp version issue. I have updated the version. It does not anymore say that --> got an unexpected keyword argument 'public_access_prevention' Now the error is different. If I am writing bool value: True it says--> error: 1 error occurred: * updating urnpulumiflytetest:flyte sparkgcpstorage/bucketprivatebucket 1 error occurred: * googleapi: Error 400: Invalid value for: 1 is not a valid value, invalid If I am giving str value: "True" the error is--> Invalid value for: True is not a valid value, invalid The code is this: static = gcp.storage.Bucket("privatebucket", location="us-central1", public_access_prevention=True ) Pulumi versions are attached.
Yeah, not it makes sense at least 🙂 (I first wanted to get rid of “wtf class error”, now we can talk about details).
I saw in the type hints that it expects
instead of
but it was unrelated to the issue you had before. Let me see what it accepts.
Even if a bucket does not have public access prevention explicitly enforced in its settings, it might still inherit public access prevention, which occurs if the organization policy constraint
is set on the project, folder, or organization that the bucket exists within. For this reason, the bucket state can only be set to
try passing