Hey everyone! I have followed this <https://www.pu...
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Hey everyone! I have followed this https://www.pulumi.com/blog/build-publish-containers-iac/ documentation 100 percent but I have no idea why am I continuously getting this error on image push to the artifact repository. Although this was working fine for me, a few months back. Any idea anyone?
I guess a good place to start would be to increase logging verbosity, then taking a look at the dumped file.
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$ pulumi up --logtostderr -v=9 2> out.txt
Definitely recommend ^^ and then dropping the log in here. The Docker provider unfortunately doesn't always drop the real error trace, so the logs would help. I'm assuming, based on what I'm seeing, that you're using Python? And are you running an already existing stack (meaning you're picking up code you already had used in the past), or are you starting from a fresh
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