Weird problem with helm charts, I have clusters ru...
# kubernetes
Weird problem with helm charts, I have clusters running, using it for months, and i need to update something (no changes to the charts , e.g. ingress-nginx) and it now wants to delete all my charts (not replace them)
I'm not seeing from the screenshot that it wants to delete the charts. I only see the provider identity being changed. Did you change the version of the k8s provider by any chance?
yes, and same code works on a similar cluster in a different region, something is wird in my state i think
no, still at the old way, i’ll try the new way, maybe it helps
If the provider changes, all the resources need reprovisioned
Looks like you removed a label from your provider?
got it going, pulumi-eks + aws > v5 does not really work
did an up with the latest v4
then upgraded to v5 and it is going now