:wave: sup yall. im a little stumped by some k8s /...
# kubernetes
👋 sup yall. im a little stumped by some k8s / helm + pulumi behavior, hoping someone might be able to shed light i’ve got a: • custom ConfigMap resource, with a YAML string as the
input (in a key) • a helm chart resource, that takes ☝️ (
) output in the
input object i’m hoping to get one of the helm chart children resources (eg. a Pod) to update whenever the ConfigMap data value gets updated in our workflow - basically, hoping that they both get updated together based on the inputs/outputs docs, I’m instantiating things in this order: 1. instantiating ConfigMap resource 2. assigning the output via apply()
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some_object["child_"resource"]["config_key"] = ConfigMap.id.apply(lambda v: v)
3. instantiating helm chart resource, and setting
…but when the ConfigMap data gets modified, I see ALL the helm resources just get
(not even replaced). but when the ConfigMap data is unchanged, everything is gravy. What might be the causing this? i’m getting lost in the various layers of abstraction
might be worth noting - i’m explicitly setting the ConfigMap’s
value, so my understanding is that the resource is immutable — so I’d expect this “everything deleted” behavior to happen 100% of the time, or 0% of the time
if there a “correct” way to create a dependency between a ConfigMap + helm.Chart resource, so that when: • the ConfigMap resource gets update/replaced • the helm.Chart updates as well? i’ve tried passing the ConfigMap into the helm.Chart’s
arg, but to no avail