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# kubernetes
what's the difference between • https://www.pulumi.com/registry/packages/eks/api-docs/managednodegroup/https://www.pulumi.com/registry/packages/eks/api-docs/nodegroup/ it seems like they both create managed node groups, based on what I see from the AWS EKS UI?
A managed node group is part of an AWS ASG (AutoScalingGroup) and means that the nodes, if they fail health checks, will be rescheduled. They also get some extra annotations that mean if you deploy Karpenter or the AWS Cluster Autoscaler, the node group will be scaled up and down as required.
This seems to be true for both resources i linked though. They both create a managed Node group so I’m wondering why use one over the other
I am wondering too, both seem to do the job. The thing is that nodeGroup and the nodeGroup created through a cluster resource do not appear in the eks aws console. So I guess “they are missing something”. Nothing new on this on your side?