:thread: Related to the prior question port forwar...
# kubernetes
🧵 Related to the prior question port forwarding... I'd like to optimize the workflow for my team a bit since we aren't currently setup to do local kubernetes development, only docker. The problem is a bunch of shared services we need to access for this to function in a microservices style context. .... (thread has details)
So I have
(a go task runner) that organizes all our stuff, so I can spin up
mage job:rebuildcompose
that builds an angular app, runs gorelease, and then that one container gets refreshed locally. I'd like to figure out how to fit this in the shared platform context a bit more so folks could run up, but mix some remote services in to local stack for invoking some tests, like say the authentication service in the cluster being accessible to their local context.
So I see thinks like Skaffold, devspace, and then I have Mage and pulumi. Without rebuilding the wheel, is there any simple step I can take to handle a primarily local workflow, but bring in a few external services from the cluster as reachable so they can invoke their local services and test against it without me needing to figure out how to bring all those in?
I need a uber simple first step. I also didn't want to add skaffold and other things when I already have a make/mage file setup and was hoping to keep things straight forward to use.
There's a few tools to do this that I'd reach for before Pulumi, notable Telepresence or kubefwd