i have a helm release i'm deploying with pulumi. ...
# kubernetes
i have a helm release i'm deploying with pulumi. Does anyone have a good pattern for making API calls to configure the service after it is created/updated? This helm chart is severely lacking in the ability to configure it decoratively in the chart values, so I need to configure it post-deployment.
Helm Release doesn't support transformations, but if you don't need Helm Release you can use Helm Chart resource which does.
Failing that, you'd need to fork the chart or deploy a separate service and use that instead of the Helm one
If you really really wanna go nuts, use a mutating admission controller; perhaps via Kyverno
... no what i want to do is use the service's REST API to configure the software, but i need to wait until after it's created/updated, and then ideally just invoke a whole bunch of
requests to it.
i've thought about spawning k8s jobs to configure it which would "work" but, also invoking the requests from within the pulumi/typescript process may be simpler by removing the container/job layer
Apologies, I misunderstood 🙂
will wait for resources to be healthy, so you should be able to start configuring via the API with any REST client using
release.apply(release => {})
oh, thats nice... thats super nice
so... i
so, the Release object doesn't have an apply method, and if i wrap it in
it executes the code during preview
I'll try and do something similar today. Worst case, we can wrap arbitrary code into a component resource that has the release as a dependency
i'm trying to use a componentresource, but the pulumi.all([release]).apply() code executes during preview, and it hard errors inside...
Apply code shouldn't run in preview 😲
Can you share code?
i can't easily share what i'm doing... let me see if i can make a simple reproduction of what i'm trying to do