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Your question should be possible - e.g. I export the kubeconfig from an EKS cluster in one stack and import it into another and create the provider.
What is not working?
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cat /workspaces/myproject/.cached/.kube/tmp.kube.config.json | gojq -c | pulumi config --stack=myorgd/dev set kubernetes:kubeconfig --secret
After this running up/refresh and other commands aren't able to connect to the Kubernetes cluster. However, doing this
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KUBECONFIG=/workspaces/myproject/.cached/.kube/tmp.kube.config pulumi up
does work. I want to avoid having to pass the kubeconfig and embed in this stack (or at least try it out to see if makes things easier)
strange, I exclusively use
(declared as secrets) in a test project. I see "tmp" in the string here & that you're passing it to
gojq -c
and usually kube configs are YAML, though that should be a super-set of json. You're also using
with the ".json" version of the file, is it possible that's just not a valid config? Can you try consuming it as yaml and/or skipping the
gojq -c
step, e.g.:
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cat /workspaces/myproject/.cached/.kube/tmp.kube.config | pulumi config --stack=myorgd/dev set kubernetes:kubeconfig --secret
FWIW, you can set multiline strings as secrets no problem.
If the file at
is valid, it should also work as a KUBECONFIG env var