Hello guys. I need to create an aws.acm.Certificat...
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Hello guys. I need to create an aws.acm.Certificate after creating self signed certificate with new pvk.SelfSignedCert call. At the first pulumi up, the aws.acm.Certificate call fails with the following error: "* error importing ACM Certificate: ValidationException: The certificate is valid in the future. You can Import a certificate only during its validity period." If I retry the with 'pulumi update' after a few seconds, everything goes fine and the acm certificate is correctly created. Any suggestion..?....thanks so much.
Can you share the relevant bits of your code (confidential info redacted, please)? It sounds like you need to set a
flag: https://www.pulumi.com/docs/intro/concepts/resources/options/dependson/
Hi @great-queen-39697, sure....code follows:
......... ......... // Create certificate const examplePrivateKey = new pvk.PrivateKey("examplePrivateKey", { algorithm: "RSA" }); function creaselfsignedcert() { return new pvk.SelfSignedCert("exampleSelfSignedCert", { keyAlgorithm: "RSA", privateKeyPem: examplePrivateKey.privateKeyPem, subjects: [ { commonName: "example.com", organization: "ACME Examples, Inc" } ], validityPeriodHours: 8760, allowedUses: ["key_encipherment", "digital_signature", "server_auth"] }); } // Create acm certificate function createcert({ cert }: { cert: pvk.SelfSignedCert }) { return new aws.acm.Certificate( "cert", { privateKey: examplePrivateKey.privateKeyPem, certificateBody: cert.certPem }, { dependsOn: cert } ); } const SSCert = creaselfsignedcert(); const cert = createcert({ cert: SSCert }); Thanks a lot for your kindly support......
Hi. Any news about the mentioned issue...?...as you can see I already adopt the dependsOn. Thanks.
Hi there, sorry, been offline. I don't know what the
library is that you're calling; are you actually calling the TLS package? https://www.pulumi.com/registry/packages/tls/api-docs/privatekey/ At the moment, nothing's jumping out at me to say that I know your problem. Let me ask internally
Hi Laura. Confirmed that I'm using the mentioned package. Thanks.......francesco
So I asked around, and we're not quite sure what the issue is. Technically, you're using the cert in the arguments, so you don't need the dependsOn call. I suspect there's some slight clock drift between your local machine and AWS since it resolves after a moment. I'd open up an issue to confirm that it's not a bug with the provider: https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi/issues/new/choose
Thank you @great-queen-39697. Look forward. Regards.......
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