Also `-v 10` doesn't seem to do anything :eyes: (...
# aws
-v 10
doesn't seem to do anything 👀 (I get no additional debugging output)
Sorry for the response delay. We're running an update to our debugging docs to help with this info (I've got that fix in review!). That being said, if you're using the classic AWS provider, you want to add an environment variable
with the logging level you're needing to get the diagnostics data from the provider itself. Here's the basic command I'll use:
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TF_LOG=TRACE pulumi up -v=11 --logflow --logtostderr 2>&1 | tee -a pulumi_log.txt
The environment variable asks the classic provider to bubble up data. The
flag bubbles up data from providers that aren't on the Terraform bridge. The end of the command tells Pulumi to share logs both to stdout/stderr and append them to a file called
It's a lot of information that you'll get, including a lot of information from the Pulumi deployment engine that may not be applicable to you. If you can drop a code snippet (with anything confidential redacted, please!), I'll see if I can help.
Super helpful thanks @great-queen-39697!
You're welcome!!
@wonderful-twilight-70958: Was this problem resolved for you? I’m running into something similar and could use the help.
For the logging? Yes the logging works. But I haven't resolved the underlying issue (launch templates), bug still somewhere.