Hi all, I’m trying to use the new local Command pr...
# aws
Hi all, I’m trying to use the new local Command provider to create an AWS profile which I can then consume in the aws provider. However, I keep getting errors…
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export function Aws(
    name: string,
    args: AwsOptionsArgs,
    opts?: CustomResourceOptions,
    providerOptions?: ProviderOptions,
): AwsOptions {
    const { accountId, accessKey, secretKey, roleArn } = awsCredentials()
    const profile = new AwsProfile({
        region: args.region,
    const provider = new aws.Provider(
            profile: profile.name,
            region: args.region, // Even though its set in the profile, Pulumi requires it.
            // allowedAccountIds: [accountId],
        { ...providerOptions, dependsOn: [profile] },

    return {
        region: args.region,
        profile: profile.name,

export class AwsProfile extends local.Command {
    readonly name: string
    constructor(args: ProfileArgs) {
        const name = `pulumi-automation-${pulumi.getProject()}-${pulumi.getStack()}`
        super(name, {
                `aws configure set aws_access_key_id ${args.accessKey} --profile ${name} &&` +
                `aws configure set aws_secret_access_key ${args.secretKey} --profile ${name} &&` +
                `aws configure set role_arn ${args.roleArn} --profile ${name} &&` +
                `aws configure set region ${args.region} --profile ${name} &&` +
                `aws configure set role_session_name pulumi-${
                    username.sync() || 'unknown'
                } --profile ${name} &&` +
                `aws configure set duration_seconds ${60 * 60} --profile ${name} &&` +
                `aws configure set source_profile ${name} --profile ${name}`,
            // Always trigger, its idempotent.
            triggers: [Date.now()],
        this.name = name
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pulumi:pulumi:Stack hosted-controlplanes-eks-azure.workshop.aws-east running error: Unhandled exception: Error: invocation of aws:index/getAvailabilityZones:getAvailabilityZones returned an error: invoking aws:index/getAvailabilityZones:getAvailabilityZones: 1 error occurred:
it looks like the profile is configured correctly looking through the ~/.aws/* files
and the ordering looks correct in the stack update
am I doing anything obviously wrong here?
If I use the profile via the CLI its fine
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aws ec2 --profile <same-name> describe-availability-zones