Is there anything I can do to fix a `pulumi up` ju...
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Is there anything I can do to fix a
pulumi up
just spinning for 16 minutes? I feel like every other time when there's a bunch of updates to do, it just gets stuck? This is AWS
Have your AWS credentials maybe expired? (this happened to me before)
And how long do you wait?
I've gotten corrupt stack states because the credentials expired and then I had to export & import to recover. But it seems to me when one operation doesn't terminate it can hold up to around 20 minutes before giving up. Is there a way to control the timeout of this? The operation that failed was to delete a security group in AWS, which couldn't be deleted because somebody had manually added a reference to it in another security group (or something, I don't speak AWS so I might be bsing here πŸ˜‚). So I had to manually remove this reference and then it passed without this long delay when running it the second time
But getting this error takes 20 minutes for some reason? πŸ€” the error explaining something references the resource that isn't handled by Pulumi
Yes I had those long timeouts as well, when I tried deleting a
which had an
attached to it (that Lambda created dynamically). So I also had to do the manual removal of ENI and then
pulumi destroy
. It’s pretty annoying.
I see. So there's no way to actually just force an earlier timeout? πŸ€”
No idea, let us know here if you find something
Haha sure will πŸ˜…