Hey, I'm confused about how to get existing resour...
# aws
Hey, I'm confused about how to get existing resources for the awsx namespace : if I want to create a targetgroup for and alb for example, I'd get the alb with
but then
new awsx.lb.ApplicationTargetGroup
requires an
How do I get the existing one? Do I need to do a new`awsx.lb.ApplicationLoadBalancer` with the existing name ? feels strange
I think don't awsx.lb has an equivalent to Vpc's fromExistingIds. You probably want to stick with the aws package's classes for this case.
In general, if you're comfortable with the way Pulumi works, there isn't a great reason to use the awsx packages. In my experience, it's pretty easy to create equivalent ComponentResources with additional domain-specific logic that suit your environment better, and you can expose the exact properties you need for logging, inter-op, etc.
They're great places to start, but you sacrifice just enough configurability to make it awkward to use once you get into interesting use cases
seconding the pain you get yourself into using awsx over aws package more than not.