# azure


04/13/2022, 5:44 PM
Has anyone had the issue with listWebAppPublishingCredentials not waiting on the resource creation of the appService name? Anytime I run preview I get an error invoking the function because it isn't acting like it is awaiting the app service resource creation. Of course the resource isn't found because I am running preview. I have tried to but it has the name ready so it attempts to make the network call which returns back an error because the resource doesn't exist yet. The error I get is Error: invocation of azure-nativeweblistWebAppPublishingCredentials returned an error: request failed /subscriptions/xxxx/resourceGroups/xxx/providers/Microsoft.Web/sites/xxxx/config/publishingcredentials/list: autorest/azure service returned an error Code=“ResourceNotFound”
I solved this by doing a Pulumi.all and including the appService Id in the array to force an await on resource creation.