Hello, I am working on creating an AKS cluster usi...
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Hello, I am working on creating an AKS cluster using the native provider. Two issues I have ran into is how to enable the application gateway ingress controller and enable azure policy for the cluster. The classic (terraform) provider includes options for that but I am unable to find those options for the native provider https://www.pulumi.com/registry/packages/azure-native/api-docs/containerservice/managedcluster/
I am thinking it might have to do with the addon_profiles property
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Yea that is it. It would be nice if the documentation could specify that and explain how to list the different addons.
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I ran
az aks addon list-available -o table
This is a limitation of the ARM API, they don't expose the properties here in the API
@fast-dinner-32080 I don't know if you already found it, but here is how we add the azure policy for the cluster:
AddonProfiles =
"azurepolicy", new ManagedClusterAddonProfileArgs
Enabled = true
in the ManagedClusterArgs