in the yaml example <
# azure
in the yaml example you can add subnetIds. But i cannot find that settings in the ContainerGroupArgs
I have used
now and got the
property, but when I add the
to the containergroup:
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const myAppApp = new containerinstance.ContainerGroup('gpu-containergroup', {

    osType: 'linux'
    , restartPolicy: containerinstance.ContainerGroupRestartPolicy.Never // [TODO] change
    , resourceGroupName:
    , ipAddress: {
        ports: [{ port: 6000, protocol: 'tcp' }]
        , type: 'private'
    , containers: [{
        name: "myApp",
        image: myAppImage.imageName,
        resources: {
            requests: {
                cpu: 1.0
                , memoryInGB: 1.5
                , gpu: {
                    count: 1
                    , sku: "K80"
        ports:[{port:6000,protocol: 'tcp'}]
    , ...
}, {})
I get the following error:
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error: autorest/azure: Service returned an error. Status=<nil> Code="ServiceUnavailable" Message="The requested resource is not available in the location 'westeurope' at this moment. Please retry with a different resource request or in another location. Resource requested: '1' CPU '1.5' GB memory 'Linux' OS '1' 'K80' GPU virtual network"
without the subnetid, I can create the group without problems
anyone got an idea what I’m doing wrong?
Ok I think I found it. GPU container instances are not available for virtual networks 😞