I apologize if this is already addressed somewhere...
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I apologize if this is already addressed somewhere, I wasn't able to locate it. I'm on a project now where the client wants to provide some self-service options that match some reference architectures. It appears that the best option for what their trying to do is some Azure Managed Application Service Catalog offerings. I've been doing a bit of a five into Managed Applications. As best I can tell, the only format supported in a Managed Application definition is an ARM template. Please correct me and point me to some documentation if I'm wrong on this. Pulumi clearly provides a mechanism to create the offering, which is terrific. Most of the infrastructure that would be used in these offerings is already defined using Pulumi and I'd really like to avoid having to replicate the infrastructure as ARM templates, especially by hand. I have two main questions. 1. Am I missing something? Can I create an Azure Managed Application definition that refers to a Pulumi project instead of an ARM template? 2. If not, is there a viable way to simply generate an ARM template from a Pulumi project? This would allow the client to maintain Pulumi as the main definition and simply regenerate ARM templates for Managed Applications as needed.
1. I think you are right. 2. It’s not possible. A lot of things in Pulumi aren’t possible in ARM templates (any library call, most applies, most if statements etc), so I don’t think there could be a reliable way to convert any Pulumi program to ARM.
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