Hi, I'm trying to use an image from one of my azu...
# azure
Hi, I'm trying to use an image from one of my azure registries within the same subscription and create an azure container instance. Unless I include the "ImageRegistryCredentials" I'm unable to create an instance. It throws an exception indicating that I'm unauthorized. Is there a way by which I can achieve this without the "ImageRegistryCredentials" in pulumi?
I'm working with Mifla on this and wanted to add an extra level of detail. Outside of Pulumi we're running
az acr login
and successfully authenticating against the Azure Container Registry in question. We'd like it if this was sufficient authentication, but instead we get an unauthorized response when the Pulumi runs. So our only solution is to enable the Admin login and access the admin password within Pulumi from an environment variable. This is with the Azure Classic provider, but the interface on Azure Native looks pretty similar.