Ok, I'm hooked! |'ve tested it with a simple guest...
# pulumi-kubernetes-operator
Ok, I'm hooked! |'ve tested it with a simple guestbook app on a local kind cluster. https://github.com/tcrst/pulumi-k8s-operator-stacks very powerful Thinking on a solution to automate the images inside my k8s stack, any idea? :-?
So I've got some ideas about this
and I'll be working with the engineering team to get them build (I hope)
I think it would really help the CD use-case if the operator made the GIT_SHA / COMMIT / TAG available within the execution via environment or config
but that isn't available right now
so your best bet is to abuse
tags, or to use an HTTP client to fetch the tags from the GitHub API (if you use GitHub)
since we have reconciliation in place maybe, maybe adding the possibility to rerun parts of the stack code without git changes, this way we can do some http requests and even git updates for tracking my image changes
@quiet-wolf-18467 I'm using github api/actions, what do you mean by using http ?