<!here> Hello friendly community! As you may know...
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<!here> Hello friendly community! As you may know, having slack as a community meeting space is great for usability, but what you gain in usability you lose in archiving. Slack's walled garden means the treasure trove of knowledge isn't always accessible. With that said, we are making plans to archive the slack to a public website which is searchable. As users, this means anything you post in here will be available as a public archive. Its worth pointing out that you should not share sensitive data in this chat anyway, but please be aware this will be publicly accessible shortly. If anyone has any concerns, please feel free to reach out to me via DM
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have you thought about moving to discord which generally seems to have good retention at reasonable cost?
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Archiving to a public site is a great idea. It’s something I wish more Slack communities would do.
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@glamorous-printer-66548 we've had lots of discussions around managing the community, but the overwhelming consensus has always been to stick with slack. we're not ruling anything out, but for now its slack
Why not promote a
tag in stack overflow? Ex, someone here sees a question that's been answered there, point the answer to SO.
Just checked, looks like the tack already exists. maybe a bit more mention of it in these slack channels https://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/pulumi