Have hit an issue around attaching roles to Identi...
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Have hit an issue around attaching roles to Identity pools in AWS ... Searching the web I've found someone else seems to have encountered this. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/68445645/create-cognito-identity-pool-using-pulumi-roles-arent-attached Would appreciate if someone could give a pointer as to what might be missing or if its a known issue?
I went to check on this and I project we have a similar declaration, but sadly found a comment confirming I had the same issue:
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new aws.cognito.IdentityPoolRoleAttachment(
    identityPoolId: identityPool.id,
    roles: {
      authenticated: poolAuthenticatedRole.arn, // this isn't attaching with IAC; had to attach through the console.
    dependsOn: poolAuthenticatedRole,
Not sure if the comment is still valid... What language and are you using the latest version?
Hey, Just managed to resolve this. Had to make sure that we included the
and it was okay after that 🙂
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