Hi! I’m a co-founder at WhyLabs and we are looking...
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Hi! I’m a co-founder at WhyLabs and we are looking for a DevOps engineer to help build the next generation of a SaaS platform for Data and AI observability. The team is fully remote (but we are limited to hiring US-based developers only) and we have been embracing Pulumi from day 1, and we are looking for somebody to take our infrastructure to the next level. You can read about our journey to Pulumi adoption here on Pulumi’s website. You will work as a force multiplier across our squads (every engineer at WhyLabs touches infra code!!), and will build the foundation for our platform to support both scalable data processing pipelines and real time services. Checkout our job posting for more details: https://jobs.lever.co/whylabs/3d0042e7-5bce-44e0-a60c-cea1be8474cf