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05/16/2022, 8:23 AM
Hey All !! I have created a new project and a stack called test with the latest pulumi versions . It has an aws provider as default_5_4_0 . There is another stack called dev(existed before) which i am using as part of the newly created project . This stack has the aws provider as default_2.6.0. This was created earlier . When i try to change the stack from test to dev and try pulumi up/preview get the following error attached below . Also i cannot install the previous version of the aws provider 2_6_0. Gives me a 403 forbidden error. How do you deal with this?


05/16/2022, 8:42 AM
@happy-spoon-52526 you're using an M1 mac it seems. We didn't start building plugins for arm architectures until ~4.0 You'll need to get to a version of the provider with an M1 binary. There are two ways to do that: • manually update the version on the state file by exporting it, editing to change the provider ref and importing it • ask a colleague with an intel chip mac to do the update which will get the state file in a good place
@happy-spoon-52526 would you mind opening a github discussion on this topic so I can provide a public answer?


05/16/2022, 10:55 PM
will do