Hey everyone. Seems like Pulumi’s auto-naming feat...
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Hey everyone. Seems like Pulumi’s auto-naming feature uses URNs of the resource name to generate the random string. So these URNs are of the format:
Example URN:
Therefore, it seems to generate the same random string if run with the same project and stack name. Is this the ideal and expected behaviour? Facing issues for global resources when trying to deploy example projects with common stack names.
I think we’re aware of this, checking
I just got surprised by this too - I deleted all my azure resources, among them a key vault - which of course was only soft deleted (that's ok). When I re-create everything I get a complaint from Azure about keys already existing.
which just demonstrates that this is happening for me too - no concern from my side at this stage, i've got it under control.
Not sure if it directly addresses this, but the doc page Resource Names is pretty good.
@stocky-helmet-82003 we are fixing this in the next release, standby
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