We are aware that some users and organizations usi...
# status
We are aware that some users and organizations using GitLab-backed identity for their organization are seeing intermittent issues with not seeing their organizations listed in the Pulumi Service UI or visible from
pulumi stack ls
in the CLI. This appears to be due to changes that are rolling out to GitLab right now with https://about.gitlab.com/blog/2022/04/18/gitlab-releases-15-breaking-changes/#oauth-tokens-without-expiration. We are working on a fix on the Pulumi side to work with the new token expiration behaviours that are rolling out. In the meantime, users should be able to logout of app.pulumi.com and the login again using your GitLab identity (not using another identity linked to your account). Doing so should ensure you continue to see these organizations.
@white-balloon-205 Any update on this? This has been preventing our pipelines from deploying.
I had to work around this by creating new Pulumi access tokens for the pipelines to use.
We are actively working on a fix for the Pulumi side of this. In the meantime, logging back into the console with the user whose token is being used for your automation should ensure things keep running, though understandably is not ideal. We will update here once we roll out an update to tgr Pulumi service to address this more fundamentally.
Ah ok, that explains why the pipeline worked for me at one point this morning but then stopped working not much later. Thanks for the update.
Thanks for keeping us updated Luke! Watching closely and using the workaround for now.