I have followed the steps to setup a gitlab integr...
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I have followed the steps to setup a gitlab integration via https://www.pulumi.com/docs/guides/continuous-delivery/gitlab-app/, however, we’re getting 401s when the webhook fires. The response body is
Error processing webhook.
Does anyone else have experience getting the webhook integration working so that pulumi can decorate merge requests?
This sounds like it is likely related to the issue noted above in this channel. Can you confirm whether you see this for a hook fired after refreshing the token per the steps above? It's possible that this GitLab App integration ultimately uses a token associated with the organization instead of a user, which might hit similar issues but without the workaround listed above working. We’ll look into that as well.
yes, this uses an org token from pulumi
not sure if it’s related or not, i’m guessing not, since it’s using a pulumi token to access the pulumi apis, but 🤷
We are using an organization token for this, does it not work for that kind of token?