I maintain the HCP provider and am in the process ...
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I maintain the HCP provider and am in the process of updating it to use the latest version of the underlying Terraform provider. In the course of doing this, however, I see that nearly all the documentation strings for the inputs of the functions (as opposed to resources) have been removed (see, e.g., https://github.com/grapl-security/pulumi-hcp/pull/11/files#diff-f325ddd0ffc367195603053fa9d5c8ba562d0e867d1520f05da6cda9678c9fe9L1698) I didn't update any of the Pulumi code (e.g., the terraform bridge, the forked terraform plugin SDK repo, etc., though subsequent experimentation shows this happening with all the Pulumi code updated to current versions). I'm not quite sure why this happened; I don't see any terms that might trigger the dreaded
Found <elided> in parsing...
messages in many of these descriptions. I'm also curious if there's any way to manually affect these documentation strings, both to fix this, as well as to fix some other documentation parsing issues I've seen in this and another provider I maintain. The "overlay" mechanism from the bridge sounds like it would be potentially useful, but I can't find any documentation around it to know one way or another. Anybody have any ideas or suggestions (@broad-dog-22463?) Thanks in advance 🙇
Anybody have any suggestions or pointers on this?
@full-artist-27215 I'm on my way home from Kubecon and will look at this when I'm back - sorry I've been not been around to help with this
@broad-dog-22463 Cool, thanks! Safe travels!