hi - I have recently added a Team organization , b...
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hi - I have recently added a Team organization , but any new stack that I try to create always ends up in my personal org. How do I deploy a stack to the team organization? I tried specifying project name as {org}/{projectName}, but it complains saying
provided project name "org-project" doesn't match Pulumi.yaml
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var pulumiFunction = PulumiFn.Create(() => CreateComposites(args, resolvedOutputs, GetProvider(args)));
            var inlineProgramArgs = new InlineProgramArgs(ProjectType.ToString(), args.StackName, pulumiFunction);
            inlineProgramArgs.ProjectSettings.Name = $"{args.PulumiOrg.ToLower()}/{ProjectType}";
nvm - I changed the workdirectory and removed the generated Pulumi.yaml. then I used stackname as org/stackname. I didnt realize the hierarchy structure was in stack name rather than project name.