Hi, I’m looking for some docs and unable to find t...
# golang
Hi, I’m looking for some docs and unable to find them. I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I’m trying to launch a docker container in a network. I’ve created the network:
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network, err := docker.NewNetwork(ctx, "trustified", &docker.NetworkArgs{
   Attachable: pulumi.Bool(true),
   Name:       pulumi.String("trustified-" + stack),
And now trying to launch a container in that network, but I’m not certain what to put in the “NetworksAdvanced” field. It seems like my network var should be the right thing but it errors because networks doesn’t implement ContainerNetworksAdvancedArrayInput. Here’s the code I’m using:
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apiContainer, err := docker.NewContainer(ctx, "api", &docker.ContainerArgs{
   Envs:             pulumi.ToStringArray(apiEnvVars),
   Healthcheck:      nil,
   Image:            api.ImageName,
   Name:             pulumi.String("api"),
   NetworksAdvanced: network,
   Ports:            nil,
   Volumes:          nil,
How do I transform the network I created to a ContainerNetworksAdvancedArrayInput type?